Local Bars & Nightclubs

5th Street Distillery and Annex

5th Street Distillery and Annex offers a casual family-friendly dining inside or outside, great service and staff along with a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy alongside their great menu and a wide variety of beer options. They offer a tap line of 46 American Craft Beers, Micro-Brews and Seasonal selections


Grumpy’s is a popular restaurant and bar located in Greenville, North Carolina. Renowned for its friendly atmosphere and eclectic menu, Grumpy’s provides a welcoming venue for locals and visitors.


Mpourium is a unique beverage boutique located in Greenville, North Carolina. Specializing in craft beers, fine wines, and gourmet sodas, Mpourium offers a curated selection from local and international producers.

Rafter’s Social Club

Rafters Social Club is a dynamic nightlife destination in Greenville, North Carolina. Known for its vibrant ambiance and high-energy events, Rafters attracts a diverse crowd looking for a memorable night out. The club regularly hosts a variety of entertainment, including live music, DJ sets, and themed parties.

Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Greenville, North Carolina, provides a unique and thrilling entertainment experience. This venue combines the age-old sport of hatchet throwing with a modern, relaxed atmosphere, offering patrons a unique way to unwind and have fun.

Club 519

Club 519 is a popular nightlife spot in Greenville, North Carolina. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and lively entertainment, the club attracts a diverse crowd of locals and visitors alike.

Jarvis Street Bottle Shop

Jarvis Street Bottle Shop is a cherished spot in Greenville, North Carolina, offering an extensive selection of craft beers, wines, and ciders. Patrons can explore their vast array of domestic and international choices, including hard-to-find and limited-release items.

Pantana Bob’s

Pantana Bob’s is a lively bar and entertainment venue in Greenville, North Carolina. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, it draws a diverse crowd of locals and visitors. Pantana Bob’s offers a variety of events, from trivia and karaoke nights to live music, providing something for everyone.

State Theatre

State Theatre is a historic landmark in Greenville, North Carolina, serving as a cherished venue for arts and entertainment. Known for its elegant architecture and intimate ambiance, the theatre hosts a wide array of performances, including plays, concerts, and film screenings.

The Loft by Stilllife

The Loft by StillLife is a sophisticated nightlife venue located in Greenville, North Carolina. An extension of the renowned StillLife club, The Loft offers a more relaxed and intimate setting, while maintaining the high-energy entertainment the brand is known for.

Dirty Dan’s

Dirty Dan’s is a beloved watering hole in Greenville, North Carolina. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s a preferred spot for locals and visitors looking to unwind.

Mac Billiards

Mac Billiards is a favorite hangout in Greenville, North Carolina, known for its relaxed ambiance and top-quality billiard tables. Whether you’re a pool shark or a casual player, Mac Billiards offers an inviting space to enjoy a game, along with a variety of beverages.

Pitt Street Brewing Company

Pitt Street Brewing Company is a renowned microbrewery located in Greenville, North Carolina. Housed in a historic, restored Coca-Cola bottling plant, the brewery produces a wide array of beers, from traditional ales and lagers to innovative experimental brews.


StillLife is a premier nightclub in Greenville, North Carolina, renowned for its high-energy atmosphere and quality entertainment. Known for its innovative themed parties, VIP services, and state-of-the-art sound and light systems, StillLife offers a nightlife experience unlike any other in the city.

Uptown Brewing Company

Uptown Brewing Company is a premier microbrewery located in Greenville, North Carolina. It’s known for crafting a wide range of beers, from traditional styles to innovative new flavors. Their spacious and inviting taproom, combined with the friendly and knowledgeable staff, creates a welcoming atmosphere for both casual drinkers and beer aficionados.